Thursday, July 2, 2009

Grandparent's Beloved

Darren’s rapidly learning new words and is now consistently using a 3-word sentences, sometimes even 4-word sentences. For example: “Want more wonton” or "see big wind" or “want big carrot.”

Darren also has this ritual of saying goodbye to his Daddy when his Daddy’s off to work.
He’d remind Daddy to put his glasses on, “ATA PAPAW” (= Papaw’s glasses), “PEN PAPAW” (= Papaw’s pen), and then hug and kiss his Daddy goodbye.

The other day, right before Daddy left, they had this conversation:
Daddy : Where’s Daddy going?
Darren : JA (= work)
Daddy : What for?
Darren : UANG (= money)
Daddy : For whom?
Darren : DEN (= Darren)
Daddy : For what?
Darren : CUCU (= milk)
Daddy : CUCU for whom?
When my parents came, my Mom taught Darren that he was “CUCU EMAK” (= Grandma’s grandchild) and “CUCU KONG KONG” (= Grandpa’s grandchild).
Now that’s what we call a “short circuit,” Darren mistook “milk” for “grandchild” because he pronunced them similarly ^_______^


  1. BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA...SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!! :-D GO, Darren! It's amazing to read about his improvement in learning things. :-D

  2. hahahahahahahhh....duuuhhh...lucu pisan budak teh...meni pinter pisan :D. Gua seneng pisan liatin si Ivan yang leukeun ngajak ngobrol n ngajak maen... siga di Video gua - udah bisa lo liat belon ya...

  3. gyahahaha... pokoke yang penting bagi darren cucu. terserah mau cucu siapa :)


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