Thursday, June 25, 2009


How time flies.

I still remember when I was entering my 3rd trimester of pregnancy with Darren, when I had to be admitted to the hospital because I kept having premature contractions.
Hubby and I were SO WORRIED! We prayed and prayed, and so did the rest of the hospital complex (we were living in a missionary hospital complex in West Borneo, and were both working in that hospital). With every single day that passed by, we were grateful because Darren got to spend another day where he belonged, in Mommy’s belly. By God’s grace, Darren was born full term, healthy and perfect ^___^

Today, Darren’s a healthy, happy, super active, 18 months old toddler.
He excels in many areas: physical development, language skills, motoric skills.
He runs around, fully toilet trained, speaking a vocabulary of probably around 400 words (of course I’m not counting, that’s just a rough estimation. I’m guessing that amount because some 80 of which was animal vocabulary, probably another 80 was vegetables and flowers, maybe another 50 was names of relatives, friends, those in Sunday School, and the rest would be enough for his daily conversation words). He’s using sentences of 3 to 4 words, although still without preposition yet. For example: “Papaw... work... (to earn) money... (for) Darren... (to buy) milk...” (in Bahasa)
Or he’d tell you a story, his current favorite is a Bible story of Jesus calming the stormy sea: “[the disciples] ATUT... [takut / fear] ANGUN.. ANGUN [mimicking their waking Jesus up]...,” he says, and now with his arms stretched out, “IAM... [diam! / silent!] NANGLAH! [tenanglah / calm down!]”
He mostly does it without being asked. Sometimes when he almost falls asleep, he would chatter and babble up a series of words like those.

He also counts from 1 to 10, although many times he does it in 2 series: 1 to 3 or 5, and after a few seconds, continuing to 10.
He knows colors, except yellow and orange. His never mistaken colors are: GREY and BROWN (weird, isn’t it?).
He sings -as in completing words and sentences of the lyrics when we sing for him- of MANY Sunday School songs along with the gesture for each song.

It’s just too amazing to watch a child grow, especially mindwise. I remember Darren’s mind still being a bit “empty,” oblivious to our speeches just a few months ago.
I wonder how he got the creativity of inventing “GROWTH”, from a single embryo into a baby, a child, and further on, an adult human being.
Our Creator’s TOTALLY AWESOME, isn’t He?

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  1. Indeed it's amazing how they grasp concepts and how they try to communicate and learn so fast. :-)))) God is miraculous!


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