Monday, June 22, 2009

Name of Days

By request of a friend, I’m going to tell you about Darren’s song of days.

In Bahasa, there’s a Sunday song that mentions all the days in a week. I guess it was designed for kids to easily memorize the name of days in a week.

The song goes:

♪ Hari Senin, hari Selasa, harinya Tuhan harinya Tuhan
Hari Rabu, hari Kamis, harinya Tuhan harinya Tuhan
Hari Jumat harinya Tuhan
Hari Sabtu harinya Tuhan
Hari Minggu, semua hari, harinya Tuhan ♫

[In short: from Monday to Sunday, everyday is God’s day]

I was wondering why each time I got to Kamis [= Thursday], Darren would say, “Kong kong,” referring to his Grandpa.
My first guess was because the last time my parents came, it was on Thursday, but I wasn’t really sure because Darren didn’t know the concept of days’ names yet.
I asked what he meant, and as with every other times when I didn’t understand him, he would have this expression on his face, as if he were thinking and trying to figure out some way to make me understand.
[Aren’t children’s minds amazing? ]

Then came his explanation: he pointed his upper lip, he mimicked the sound of a kiss, and said, “Yi...” [= geli...!] with this ticklish expression on his face.
It took me about 2 seconds before I figured out what he meant and laughed outloud.

He mistook “Kamis” for “kumis” (moustache), and each time he heard the word “Kamis”, he remembered Grandpa’s moustache.
My Dad loves to tickle Darren by kissing his chubby cheeks and rub them with his moustache.
Whenever he does this, Darren always had this ticklish expression and gesture, and he’d laugh so gleefully, along with his Grandpa ^___^


  1. LOL!!! rolling on the floor! Priceless!!

  2. HUA HA HA HA HA...SO FUNNY!!! The way a little child learns how to explain things in a language reminds me of my process of learning Finnish. If I don't know a word in Finnish, I have to try to explain it using gestures or using very simple words to describe it. I can totally relate to Darren, but it IS indeed amazing that such a young mind can learn a language so quickly...especially since they don't understand the concept of grammar and many things yet he he...

  3. huakakaka... mulai falling in love with darren ;p


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