Monday, April 27, 2009

Javanese Hat

Darren LLOOOVVVEEESSS his new hat.
He likes to wear it anytime, anywhere. He even refuses to take it off during his meals!
Take a look at the picture.

It’s a Javanese traditional hat.
In Javanese dialect, it’s called BLANGKON.

Whenever Darren sees the hat, he would want to wear it. And whenever he sees his Daddy’s hat, he would want his daddy to wear it.

We went to church yesterday, and we had a hunch that Darren would want to wear the hat to Sunday School.

His Daddy insisted that there was no way he would wear the hat to church, no matter what!

So when we were getting ready to church, we hid both hats.

Thankfully, Darren didn’t remember asking for it. Phew, Daddy’s safe! ^__^


  1. BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA...jadi inget waktu gua masih ngempeng...susah pisan buat ngilangin habit gua itu hi hi hi...

  2. WHAAAAAA....Darren lucu pisan pake blankoonnn!!! So cute how you mix and match his clothing, hehehe...


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