Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mommy's Leisure Time

3 AM.

Watching Desperate Housewives.

Am I desperate? You wish, haha!

Being a mommy makes me more creative about making time for anything besides attending to Darren's needs.I used to like to put just a teeny-little make up when going out, had a new haircut every now and then.
But since I had Darren, rituals before going out becomes sooo long: preparing Darren, preparing Darren's bag, including his meals, drink, milk, snacks, extra set of clothes, jacket, wet tissues, dry tissues, plastic bags for dirty laundry, plastic bags for pee, baby carrier (coz other than we don't have a stroller for toddler, he too restless to use a stroller, and that's exactly why we don't have it!), etc. etc., then hurrily get myself dressed, and then it's already HIGH TIME for us to leave. No time for mommy to get prettier (being pretty is already given by God, so long as we feel so ^__^ ). Many times I would just go, without even combing my hair, and just tie it backwards!

Thankfully, I had stubborn confidence ^__^ (consider it a good perspective on self image).

As Darren got older, I hired an "assistant" to help me care for Darren because I needed time to do my freelancing works at home. And I thank God for her (the nanny), because I think her presence has been giving me the time and balance I HIGHLY needed so that I wouldn't get too exhausted with Darren (trust me, he's THAT exhausting... Even my Mom, who ADORES him but rarely meets him, was amazed of how sweat-producing it was just to get him properly dressed!).

When Darren was almost a year-old, I finally managed to get the time to go to a hair salon and get a very needed haircut.Gradually, I find more time to also take better care of myself, for the sake of self satisfaction, and of course, Hubby's ^__^

Nowadays, when Darren goes to sleep at nights, I have enough undisturbed time to do things I like to do. Besides blogging or working, I also watch some series on DVD.

Last night, again, I fell asleep while getting Darren to sleep at night. And again, I woke up in the middle of the night and decided to make myself a butter and chocolate sandwich, grab some Desperate Housewives series, and enjoyed myself (Hubby's out of town).
Although this enjoyable habit comes with a cost (being sleep deprived and difficulty waking up in the next morning), I find it worthy!


  1. Wow...good idea...when I get sleep problems I'd toss and turn and get frustrated just thinking that I'll be like a zombie at work the next day haha.. Good that you can use your sleepless hours effectively :D
    Wonder what ritual will change...being ms. sanguin ngepas, I always clock myself backwards - what ever I do in the morning, need to be out of the bathroom 30 minutes before I'm sitting at work, which gives me 10 minutes to put my face on, 10 minutes to put clothes, 10 minutes to cycle. Will that be a luxury once kids pop in? hehe...
    PS. Don't forget to post the new look :D:D:D

  2. Oh sama atuh Nit.... gua juga gitu tiap ada rencana pegi pasti ngitung waktu siap2 heheh... seudah ada anak mah waktunya jadi PANJANGGGG bgt, plus cadangannya BUANYAKKK deh, and tetepp weh sering telat hehehe...

    Lah new look naon, warna nyaris tak berubah, berkat rambut ku tercinta yg hitamnya tak terkalahkan ini hahahahah....

  3. HUE HE HE HE HE...but you're lucky that your weight doesn't go up ASAP when you eat so late at night...


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