Sunday, April 19, 2009

Toilet Training Triumph

In a supermarket in town, they have a special discount for groceries on certain days. Last Thursday was one of those days. Because of that, I took Darren along with me to that supermarket, to buy some groceries.
Oh, and by the way, Darren turned 16 months on that day.

Even though Darren’s been doing GREAT in his toilet training, whenever we go out, I usually put his diapers on, just in case.
A friend of mine brings plastic bags everywhere, so that her young son can pee into it whenever he needs to. We all know that sometimes public toilets aren’t always available and sometimes little kids just can’t hold long enough.
Or, sometimes they need to pee in an impossible setting, like, say, in the car when we’re trapped in a never ending traffic jam.
That’s when plastic bags come handy.
To practice this smart tip, I’ve also trained Darren to pee into a plastic bag, but he didn’t seem to like it much.

Anyway, last Thursday I finally had the guts to not put his diapers on when we went shopping. Before hand, I told him to tell us if he needs to pee.
I took him to the bathroom to pee right before we left. And about half an hour in the supermarket, I took him to the toilet to pee.
After that, we walked around (him sitting on the trolley) and bought stuffs for about an hour or so.
Busy remembering and checking what I needed to buy, I didn’t remember to bring Darren to pee again.

We went to our car and went directly home. On the way home, he fell asleep.
We reached home and I put sleeping Darren into bed.
He didn’t pee until he (almost) woke up.

I call this a toilet-training-triumphant day ^_____^

My dearest Darren, WELL DONE!! Mommy loves you so much and Mommy’s VERY PROUD of you!! –smooch… smooch…- ^o^


  1. GREAT JOB, Mommy and Darren!!!! :-D I'd love to do the same when I have my own kids later - well, except if the baby is a girl, then it's impossible to pee in a plastic bag HA HA HA HA HA...

  2. Whaaa...gimana kalo punya anak cewe pas di mobil ya?? Eh, sama ama Mel geuning comment teh hihi..
    Kudu telaten sigana nya kalo mau potty training.. Wonder how I'm going to potty train my kids later on when they're going at least 3 days to the day care...


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