Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Choir Performance #3

Choir Performance #3

D’s been having a few bad days. Meaning: high level of arousal, poor self-regulation, difficulty sleeping, poor concentration and very easily distracted.
Right in the middle of it all, came the day of special choir performance, and in the evening of the very same day: kindergarten graduation. The choir performance was not a routine Sunday School choir monthly ministry, because it was to celebrate Parents’ Day at church. So the choir members each held flowers for their Moms and Dads, to be given right after they sing two songs.

Oh la la, what a perfect timing..... @.@

The choir performance went OK. I think it was OK that D deliberately jumped off the platform, his SS teacher had to retrieve him and put him back on stage. He was bored because in between the 2 songs they played a short video clip on the big screen, portraying some of the SS choir kids saying a few words of appreciation for their parents.
But it was OK, I guess... :P

Until it was time to give flowers to the parents.
I had pictured this to be a very touchy moment, where my son would be smiling lovingly and I may sentimentally shed a couple of joyful teardrops from the corner of my eyes, blah blah blah... I even had a pocket tissue handy, just in case. I brought 2 cellphones to take a few pictures and video clips. I remembered considering to ask the girl sitting next to me to help snap some pics of my handsome little boy handing me a red rose, kissing me on the cheek, the pictures would have been EPIC! Then I’d post the precious pictures on FB, BB, whatever media possible.

Well I’m glad I didn’t ask the girl to take our picture.
Coz by the time SS teacher told the choir kids to find their parents, D dashed off the platform, ran with all his might to the corners of the hall :O :O
My former visualisation collapsed.

A few seconds later, D came back, still running, only to pinch my tummy a bit and giggled and dashed off again, with MY flower still in his hand. I could hear people near me giggled. By then other parents were receiving their  flowers along with MY visualisation coming true.
Oh well... And there I was, still standing awkwardly, cellphone camera on stand by, trying to find D with my eye. No sign of him anywhere.
Then with quite a loud thumping, he showed up with the brightest smile, excited from all the running, not coming towards me, but up onto the... podium! X(
Now this was turning out to be rather nightmare-ish. But I still should be thankful because he didn’t try to reach the pulpit and came back down quickly.
And when I was no longer expecting, he came to me (yup, still running) and handed me the flower, then dashed off to join his choir group, someplace where they BELONG.

I noticed that while at first he had 2 flowers, D only had 1 left when he handed it to me. It turned out that he found his Papa sitting at the back (Papa later came all the way from the hospital to be there on Parents’ Day, most probably with the same visualisation as mine hehehe) and handed him one of the flowers before dashing off towards the podium.

So, sorry, no touchy-D-giving-Mommy-a-flower picture to attach here :)

But we love him anyway... for not running on to the pulpit ;)

“Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from Him.” Psalms 127:3

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  1. Ahhhh...kidssss...full of surprises (I think some more so than others, but still he he...)


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