Friday, August 19, 2011

After 20 months

Hello, dear readers....

I've finally found the urge to blog again :)
And finally found ways to relive my long-time-forgotten blog account @.@

Have grown so much as a mom, a wife, a woman, a daughter of God, a daughter of man, a friend, and a person in the past 20 months. Found new place to live in, new mindset, new struggles. Most amazingly, I always find new strength, new blessings, new wisdom to go on, with peace that surpases all understanding on top of them all, in every step of the way.
So I guess from now on (if I ever persist to keep blogging :P), I'll share a more wondrous journey, still with the same faithful & merciful God.

All glory be for Him!


  1. Welcome bacccckkkk, honeyyyy!!! :-D HUGE HUGS!!! Indeed glories to Him only...

  2. asiiik bakal byk dgr crt2 motherhood loooo :)

  3. napa gw sendiri kagak bs comment ya?
    Eniwe, @ amel n lia n other readers, thanx for reading, wish me luck ya! ;)


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