Thursday, December 17, 2009

Little Lamb

Darren loves BIG things. He wants BIG fish, big pudding, big cookies, big everything. When I sing a Sunday School Song called LITTLE LAMB, it goes

Domba kecil, domba kecil,
Hilang di atas bukit,
Datanglah gembala,
Angkat domba kecil.

(Or in English:

Little lamb, little lamb,
Got lost over the hill,
Shepherd came,
Carried the little lamb.)

He insisted that I should sing it DOMBA BESAR (=big lamb).
I imagined the shepherd, having to carry it all the way home. Big fat hairy heavy lamb. Poor shepherd.
I told Darren the shepherd wouldn't be able to carry it. Berat atuuhh....

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