Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wonton Recipe

This is one of Darren’s currently most favorite meal:
Wonton soup with meat filling or in Bahasa: Pangsit Kuah.

A friend of mine who is also following this blog gave me the recipe (thanks, Nop!), which I modified a little to match Darren’s taste and for my convenience ^__^

* 6 pieces of wonton dumpling (readily available in supermarkets, or you can make it yourself if you want)
* 50 grams of minced meat (chicken, beef, or pork if you like. I use pork)
* 2 pieces of chicken feet, boil with 500 ml of water, bring to boil to make chicken broth (or you can use any kind of chicken broth that you like to use)
* 1 carrot, cut into thin, round pieces
* 25 grams of broccoli (or as you like it), chop roughly
* 2 onions, chop
* 2 garlic, crush and chop
* celery, chop
* chives, chop
* salt, pepper, sugar to taste
Here goes:
1. Deep fry onions and garlic, divide into 2 portions, set aside.
2. Mix minced meat with a portion of fried onion and garlic, a pinch of salt, a pinch of pepper, some celery and chives. Divide into 6 portions, put each portion into a piece of wonton dumpling. Wrap by joining all 4 corners of the dumpling, use a couple of drops of water to stick them together. Set aside.
3. Boil chicken broth, put the dumplings into it, along with carrot. Wait until they’re cooked (takes some 10 minutes or so). Put the other portion of onion into it, broccoli, celery, chives, salt, and pepper, also sugar if you like. (For Darren I don’t use much of them.)
4. Unless you like chicken feet, get rid of it so you wouldn’t freak certain people out (in my case: hubby ;D )
This recipe makes 2-3 kid’s portion (depends on how much your kid eats. Darren eats it in 2 meals).

It’s so cute to see Darren ate wonton soup so ENTHUSIASTICALLY. He’d ask for his own bowl and spoon, then I’ll put slices of wonton into his bowl. It’s so slippery (even for adults!) to handle so Darren has to struggle to put them into his mouth. He barely uses his spoon, coz it’s easier to eat by hand, even so, he still has to work so hard. It’s MESSY, I’m telling you, but it keeps ALL the usual distractions away. He concentrates with his wonton, and keeps asking for more even while his mouth’s still full of it haha… Maybe Darren likes it is because it makes meal time almost like playing time.

I bought a pack of dumpling which probably has some 25 pieces in it. It expires within 5 days or so, so I usually cook half of it right after I bought it, and cook the other half 2 days later.
If you wonder about the rest of the dumpling, I make some also for Hubby. He LOVES deep fried wonton. It’s the same recipe, only simpler coz you just need to deep fry the dumpling after you fill it with meat, so you don’t need the chicken broth and the vegetables.


  1. Sob sob...it's not easy to make kulitnya...gua pernah bikin kuah ama goreng tapi hasilnya kaga bagus hiks hiks...kapan2 deh nyobain lagi bikin kulitnya (hopefully this time it works!!!). Pengennya sih tinggal beli kulitnya ambeh praktis tapi ga ada yang juaaaaaallll...sob sob...

    Anyway, lucu juga Darren malah anteng makan wonton hi hi hi hi...

  2. huaaaa....akhirnya Darren makan sendiri yaaa..!! Smart little boy!!! MEni keren bisa makan wonton sorangan (ya kali masih kudu dibantu* ama mommy ya...)
    Gua udah lama ga bikin pangsit goreng euy... Soalnya gua doyannya pake babi campur udang, n dapet udang seger di sini rada susah euy... Terus banyak bumbu* dllnya buat si isi pangsit teh (eh, ato gua ketuker ama baso soun ya...hmm..tanda udah kelewat lama ga masak ini hihiih..)

  3. Ah...I made this from time to time (not for any kid, mind you, for me! haha). Amel, I sympathize with you. We dont have kulit pangsit juga di sini..hiks hiks...Kalo lagi bikin, si Hans juga sampe ikutan bantuin..hihi


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