Monday, August 10, 2009

Good Boy Darren

Dear readers,

Been so long since the last time I wrote a post.

Life’s been kinda hectic. I couldn’t encourage myself to squeeze some time to write, sorry!

But, thanks to Ershinta, who gave me my first blog-award, I got the encouragement I needed to keep posting. THANKS SO MUCH, Shinta! ^___^

Guess I’ll write my readers’ favorite topic: Darren :)

He’s now a challenging 19 months old. He rebels at every possible moment. He throw things although we continuously emphasizing that only balls are to be thrown, and even so, not to be aimed at people. He hits his dining table, the floor, the wall, even people, always making this particularly witty excuse: “ADA NYAMUK!” [= there’s a mosquito!]. We let him hit the floor and table, and the wall, and it seems to hurt him a bit, so now, thankfully, he almost stops doing it. With hitting people, his excuse is “TOSS !” [= high five-ing]. He would high five the palms of our hands when he’s nice, but when he loses it, he’d try high five-ing our hair, our glasses, our cheeks! We strictly told him to only high five the palm of hands, and with other parts, he’ll have to rub gently. It’s starting to work, thank God for that...

It’s the beginning of terrible two, and I’m nearly shaking at the sight of it hahaha....
Now we have an extra item for our daily family prayers (we say it outloud, so that Darren can hear it): “Bless Darren to be a good boy, Lord...”
And he’d heartily say, “AMEN!” ^__^

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  1. Oh least it's subsiding he he he...but I wouldn't know what to do if I were in your place. Oh dear...


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