Monday, June 1, 2009

Sunday Fun

Darren loves to go to Sunday School.
He loves to sing along and move along the songs, although he doesn’t follow them very well yet.
He looks forward to going to Sunday School on every Sunday.

Darren has three regular Sunday School teachers.
Two of them are nice, middle-aged ladies. The other one’s a pretty, young lady at her teens.
Darren seems to like the last one best ^__^

Last Sunday, his favorite SS teacher was leading the singing and dancing. Out of the blue, he went by himself and sat right by her!
If you’re curious, I sat in the far side of the room. He usually sat by my side or on my lap, and then I would try to make him follow all the activities, but it would only last for some 15 minutes.

But this time, to my surprise, he happily sat on his own, on the foremost line (!) and sang and danced along the songs (though very limitedly). In fact, he was the youngest and the smallest kid there who join his SS teachers sing and dance.

Darren seemed enthusiastic to sing and dance along, although he only knew a few songs (because I didn’t know the song well enough to teach him hehehe...).
It was a pleasant surprise to learn that he’s somewhat independent and confident enough to do that.
(There were several other kids around 2 years old or more who wouldn’t join any activity, and just played around with all the available toys.)

Being a 17 month-old, please keep in mind that he does have a short attention span. After singing and dancing along a few songs, he came to me and sat on my lap. Some 5 minutes later, he was all around the room, no longer paying attention.

Nonetheless, it was a pleasant surprise ^__^


  1. See...that's what I told my pastor once..It always helps to have young and pretty SS teachers!! hahaha

  2. HE HE HE HE HE HE...No wonder he loves singing and dancing...'coz he has "Shah Rukh Khan's" blood hi hi hi hi...


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