Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Blast with Bule ;)

Life without nanny is busier than I thought. Especially when there are many unusual agendas for the days, i.e. social events, health disturbances, etc.
I’m not sure I’ll be able to write much on this blog. At least not until I finish my current project, which would probably take about a month or so.
And after that, MAYBE, just maybe, we might be moving out, who knows?

Anyway, although the past few weeks were full of social meetings, with family and friends, they’ve been a blast!
I met several old friends from high school, one of whom has been living in the Netherlands. She brought her “bule” husband. And to my surprise, although Darren’s a bit awkward to him (the bule), meaning that Darren would barely touch him and refused to kiss him, Darren likes him so so much that he keeps mentioning his name, “Oom Sy..”, sometimes up until he fell asleep at nights!

I was told that sometimes babies just aren’t friendly with people that are “different” from them. By different I mean another race. I wasn’t quite sure about it.
When Darren met my friend’s hubby, he had a thin moustache and beard, so we thought it was probably why Darren wouldn’t kiss him. Darren feels ticklish with moustache and beards, also stuffed animals with rough hairs hehehe...
But then again, after he shaved and had his face all clean, he tried getting Darren to kiss him, but Darren refused hehehe... So we thought he probably just wasn’t comfortable with “bules”.

It was kinda odd, coz it wasn’t the first time Darren met a “bule”.
He met another friend’s hubby once, when he was about 10 months old. But he probably was too young to understand back then.
And when Darren was born, was he surrounded by many “bules”!
In fact, the doctor who first took care of him right after he came out of my belly was a “bule.”

Nonetheless, we’re looking forward to meeting more “bules”, so we can watch Darren’s reactions.
One thing’s for sure, if he/she’s fun to play with, Darren doesn’t mind what their skin colour is, so long as they don’t ask for a kiss.


  1. GREAT! I can take my bule hubby along then..and watch Darren's reaction..tikus percobaan kali laki gw..hahaha

  2. Hmmmm...ponakan R2 si Pirita kan waktu ketemu gua umur 2,5 taun...pengalaman gua sih ketemu anak2 kecil, kalo masih kecil pisan mah ga peduli ama ras...tapi kalo udah umur 5 ke atas suka pada melongin gua karena sadar kalo penampilan gua beda (maklum di desa ini kan orang Asianya jarang). Kokonya Pirita waktu pertama ketemu gua melongin kaya gua alien gitu da dia udah umur 6 atau 7 taun...si Pirita mah cuek beibeh ajah, nganggep gua sebagai calon temen maen doang he he...


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