Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Men's rest room

When we had dinner in a restaurant downtown, for the first time ever in my life, I had to go into a gent’s rest room because Darren had to pee.

He’s doing great in his toilet training, meaning that he barely wets his pants during so long as he’s awake. But when we go out, I still put his diapers on, in case he wants to pee when we’re still in the car or in inconvenient places or in case he can’t hold his pee until we reach the right place.

So, back to the gents rest room.

Darren had his diapers on, but since he’s toilet trained, he’s still hesitant to pee into his diapers, so he would ask to go to the bathroom to pee.
I usually take him to the ladies’ room, but since it was occupied, I had no other choice than to check if the gents’ room was available (it was a small toilet so it was easy to immediately know that it’s empty, without me having to humiliate myself by peeping into it :P ).
I took Darren’s diapers off and he peed happily into the toilet.

Oh well, that’s a part of motherhood after all, going to men’s rest room included!

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  1. Hey, he's doing a GREAT job in toilet training period! Some kids who're too used to diapers can't pee in toilet bowls until they're over 2 or even 3 years old.


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