Friday, March 27, 2009

I’d say a little prayer for you, Beloved…

Every night when hubby’s not on duty, he and I would take Darren to the bedroom when it’s time for him to sleep. If hubby’s on duty, I’d do it myself.
Every single night, we would pray together before Darren sleeps.

We’d start with a Sunday School song that goes:
♫ Lipatlah tangan, tutup mata….
Untuk berdoa pada Tuhan, amin… ♪
In English, it’s something like “Join your hands together, close your eyes… Let’s pray to God, amen…”
And after that I’d say a brief, simple prayer out loud, to give thanks to Heavenly Father and say a short request.

Although he’s still unable to sit still during our prayer time, Darren understands this ritual too well. Once we enter the bedroom and put him to bed, despite his moving about, he’d say “AMEENNN..” and sometimes also does so in the middle of our prayer.

Today Darren’s been having a little cough. So in the prayer, I said, “Dear Lord, thank You for blessing us today. Please bless Daddy at work. Now Darren is going to sleep. We pray that you would cure his cough. In Jesus’ name, AMEN.”
Right when I got to the word ‘cough’, he cleared his throat, “ehm… ehm…” :)


  1. so sweeett :).
    Iya ya, udah dari sedini mungkin diajarin doa...


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