Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Duck vs excretion

My parents have been in town for a couple of days, and they’ve been so happy to see Darren.
They live out of town and they only get to meet Darren about once or twice a month, so seeing how much he develops every time they come has brought them endless joy.

My Mom mentioned something about “BELEK” (a slang in Bahasa which refers to the waxy excretion of the eyes). Darren immediately mimicked, “BEEK” (so much like a lamb’s voice), my Mom laughed and said, “No, not BEEK, but BELEK” and she pointed to the corner of her eye.
Darren couldn’t really say it correctly, and instead he repeated “BEEK..” and stuck his finger to a corner of his eye.
As a 15 month-old, his verbal skill’s stunning, but at times he still mistakes some words for others that began with a similar letter or syllable.

Last night when I put him to sleep, I laid beside him in bed like I always do. He’s such a restless kid that more often than none, he has difficulty sleeping. I usually have to lie down and pretend to have fallen asleep for some 20 – 40 minutes until he falls asleep. When he’s most restless, he would do ALL KINDS OF STUFFS to get my attention.
Some of them are: sticking his index fingers into his nostrils and pleads with nasal voice, “Mamaaa… mammmaaaa…. Mmmaaaammmmaaaaaa…” with ever increasing intensity of plead; or try opening the cupboard right beside his bed; or wreck the bed and stuffs on it (he would move the pillows about until some of them are out of their cases!). And while he did all that, I would just ignore him completely, because if I ever respond, he would go wilder, whereas if I ignore him completely, soon he’d be exhausted and eventually fall asleep.

So, back to last night, I was pretending to have fallen asleep as always when he laid right beside me. Today he wasn’t too “wild” that I wasn’t ready for any mischievous act.
Out of the blue, he stuck a finger to the corner of my eye, and said “BEBEK…” [= duck]
Once again, it took me a couple of seconds to figure out what he meant.
When I realize that he just mistook “BEBEK” for “BELEK”, it was so hilarious that I couldn’t suppress a laugh. I buried my laughter into a pillow…


  1. Oh dear's SO hard to ignore Darren's acttsssss he he he he...

  2. Huahahahahahhh...duuuhhh...meni pinter pisan ya!! Temen gua juga bilang anaknya teh gitu, nyambung*in segala rupa, jadi pengetahuan A diterapin ke B, siga si Darren gitu hihihi... Doh kebayang setengah modar biar ga ngikik huahahahaaa...


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