Saturday, March 21, 2009


Do your kids eat well?

When my son started eating solids, he ate like an angel. Well, I meant a pig hehehe…. He would cooperatively open his mouth WIDE and swallow anything given to him without much trouble. This went on for around 6 months.

When he gradually progress from a mixture of rice flour boiled with milk, to boiled rice with vegetables and meat, and on to finally eat soft rice, he started to give us trouble.
When he was 10 – 12 months old, his eating was so troublesome that he only finish very little food of the amount we gave him. That is, out of some 4 tablespoons of food, he would only finish half of it.
But afterwards, starting some 13 months on, he’s back on track and eat well. Now he can finish some 4 tablespoon of rice plus ¾ cup of soup or whatever.

One of my efforts in trying to give him a good eating habit is to praise him whenever he finishes his food. When he does, my hubby and I would applause him and cheer, “Yaaaayy!! Darren finishes his food.. yaaayy!!”
And he would smile so happily, clap his hands and cheer along, “Yayaayy!!” over and over…

When we dined together with my sister and her boyfriend at home, Darren was around. And as he saw the empty plates that my sister and her boyfriend finished, he shouted really loud and said, “YAYAAAYY!!” and clapped his hands happily ^__^
It was a cute reminder because my sister’s boyfriend was on a diet, hahaha… No offense, J ;P


  1. BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...that last bit is SO FUNNY!!! :-D

  2. Piot, gini caranya man tar gua di bandung
    NGINEP di tempat lo aja, huahahahahh... Thanks ya meni sharing lengkap gini, gua juga jadi tambah tergelitik pengen punya juga hihihi... But masih nyantai gitulah da beneran not until next year :P


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