Thursday, April 2, 2009

Amazing moments

My son never ceases to amaze me.

Usually, children don’t like having water poured down on their heads during bath time.
A friend of mine said, she had a hard time trying to get her son cooperate during hair-washing time. Learning from her experience, I decided to get Darren used to having little water poured down on his head, in time increasing the amount of water.
I was just starting to do that, with only very small amount of water, when he figured out how to pour water down from a plastic bowl, and immediately learned how to pour water on his own head.

There came a time when he managed to pour A LOT of water on his own head. He poured a bowl full of water, probably some 200 cc, onto his head and face. He choked and gasped, looking rather terrified, he grabbed my arm with his free hand and I too, was startled and a bit worried.
I was ready to comfort him and calm him down, but within a few seconds, he had a huge mischievous grin on his still reddish, watery face, and shouted, “GI!” [= LAGI! or in English: MORE!]

I shook my head as I watched him giggling full of excitement and pouring water onto his own head all over again, trying to be thankful because I don’t have to worry about having hair-washing trouble... :-/

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  1. Ohhhh? Gitu heueuh? Nyokap gua ga pernah cerita soal susah mandi sih...justru katanya anak2 kecil bukannya seneng maen aer (ga tau juga ketang tapi entah kenapa di otak gua mah ada kesan gitu)? Hmmmhhhh...ajaib juga tuh ada anak yang ga suka dishampooin he he he...

    HIDUP DARREN!!! He's so playful so he wants to play with ANYTHING, even if that something made him choke a little bit at first HE HE HE HE HE...


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