Thursday, October 6, 2011

Switch Language

I'm thinking about switching the language of my postings.
To be really honest, I'm not too comfortable using english for my postings haha..

At first I decided to use english, because I had no friends in blogosphere at all, except for the only one friend who introduced me to blogging world in the first place. Visit her blog
here if you're curious.
Anyway, she's an Indonesian girl who married a Finnish guy and moved to Finland. She started blogging first out of boredom, then she found an circle of friends in the blogosphere. I was "allured" to join her. So I kinda "had to" use english, so I could communicate with her friends.

I've now found my own community. Mostly Indonesian moms. So I'm switching my posting language into my mother tongue yaay!!

Daniel Huisman, the only consistent follower who is not an Indonesian but had started to learn Bahasa Indonesia, well I'm sure you'll find reading postings in Bahasa would actually be helpful in your learning hehehe....

So, dear readers, I guess I'll see you all around, with a different tone. I should be more expressive in my mother tongue haha ^__^

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