Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Milestone: Milk teeth

When I observe every milestone my child reaches, I’m always in awe.
Back in Med School, I learnt that typically, a child grows his first tooth when he reaches 6 month of age. That’s when he’s supposed to start weaning, learning to eat solids, and being off of exclusive breastmilk. Right after growing his first incisor teeth, he grows his molars first (instead of canines, which actually are located right next to incisor teeth), then way after that, at 2 years old, he would finally grow his canines. Why is that? Because moms usually (and are recommended to) breastfeed their babies until 2 years of age. If the child grows his canines beforehand, imagine how painful it is for the breastfeeding mommy!
My currently 3 years and 9 months old boy, has been brushing his teeth on his own without help for some time now. He even cleans his toothbrush afterwards, without help (although the quality of the cleaning is still questionable haha). Sometimes I wonder if he brushes clean enough, so once in a while I would insist on helping him, and he would firmly refuse my help. I know I need to refrain from wanting to help him, but sometimes it’s difficult, coz I’m just worried if his tooth would decay from lack of proper brushing.
For that I reminded myself, that it’s now time for Darren to take care of his own teeth independently. About the tooth decay stuffs I just leave it all to God, because there’s another impending milestone in about 2 years time: the replacement of baby teeth with adult teeth. I guess I’ll just sit back, relax, and let nature take its course, besides, Darren would be better and better in cleaning himself in the days to come. ^__^


  1. I've read about some tribe or group of people somewhere who are recommended (or commended) to breastfeed for 7 years or something like that...I can't imagine how it feels like he he he he...

    That's a nice pic of D! :-D

  2. Oh really Mel?? Wow I never heard of such thing, thankfully we don't have the same habit here hehehe.... After our children turn 3 years old, I personally think we need to start educating them about keeping their (and our) private parts private :) (Early sex education)

  3. Iya, di negara itu emang bener2 ga aneh kalo breastfeeding sampe udah gede, malah it's encouraged he he...kalo menurut hemat gua sih repot yah kalo sampe segede gitu masih minta nenen hi hi hi hi...


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