Saturday, June 13, 2009

Language of Touch

I’m sure many of us know about the 5 love languages.
The book has been translated into Bahasa, and if I remember correctly, the title’s “5 BAHASA CINTA.”

To briefly remind you, the 5 ways with which we express our love towards others or feel others’ love for us are:
1. Gifts
2. Touch
3. Quality time
4. Service
5. Words of encouragement

I don’t know at what age a child begins to show his major love languages, but I think Darren’s been strongly showing his, which is touch.
I know most young children love to be touched (hugged, kissed, held, carried, etc.), but Darren seems to use this language A LOT.
For example, he loves to hold hands, when walking, or when he’s sitting down. He’d ask to hold my hands even as he sits on his potty pooing >_<
His favorite position for reading a book is on my (or Daddy’s or other reader’s) lap.
When he hears startling, loud noise, he usually gets rather scared, and would ask for a hug.
He loves to kiss people he likes (although sometimes he’s a bit picky hehehe...).
In meal times, if I get upset because he starts acting out, he’d ask to hold my hand to make sure that I don’t get mad at him (of course most of the time I refuse because I’m already mad hahaha... Sometimes I refuse holding his hand only to make him stop acting out.)
And when he wakes up at night, if he doesn’t need to drink, all I have to do is hold his hand and he’ll instantly calm down and go right back to sleep.

I know it’s too early to figure out Darren’s love languages, but my point is that you really should know your children’s love languages well, because it’s SO IMPORTANT!

Let me give you an example. If the mother’s love language is gift, she’ll instinctively give things to show that she loves her child. But if the child’s love language is quality time, he’ll long for quality time and unable to appreciate his mother’s love in the form of things.
If they’re unaware of each other’s love language, both would suffer. They both would suffer from love starvation and lack of appreciation.

So, let’s all learn love languages and practise them. Trust me, it’ll solve many difficult problems in our relationships ^__^

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