Monday, May 25, 2009


Hello friends...

Haven’t written any post lately. Been busy with a few guests, etc. etc.
Also busier because Darren’s nanny doesn’t work anymore. So, Darren’s now happily hanging out with Mommy and Daddy ALL day long.

It’s pretty tiring, but I think I’m happier now because I get to spend more time with him and less time doing unnecessary stuffs (I tend to dwell in unaccomplishing activities, I wonder why...). Although it also means that I have less time doing the really necessary ones, like doing my freelance-translating job, stay up-to-date with my dearest friends abroad using the internet, etc.

So I’m trying to be more organized and responsible with my time. Which is a good exercise.
Nonetheless, as far as I can see, our family’s happier.
Hopefully this happiness will last, not ending with Mommy’s frustration like some not-so-happy moments in the past, when I wasn’t well adapted with my new life as a Mom yet hehehe...

So maybe from now on I won’t be writing as often as I did before.

Also, as Darren gets older, most of our daily experience includes his language development (which has been EXCELLENT!), and that’s kinda not-too-interesting to share in other language (English).

Anyway, I found a cute likeness in these two pics a few weeks ago.
I had to ask Hubby’s permission before I spread this particular pic (of him). Lucky for you, like I said before, he LOVES having the spotlight on him. That’s the main reason of his cooperation. And besides, these pics are too cute to keep to ourselves.

Please do feel free to comment! ^___^


  1. Hi Ivan and Natalia, I am in Europe again. See you next year. Nice pics, hehe, Blessings

  2. HUE HE HE HE heran deh Darren kaya gini jadinya, abis bonyoknya juga bintang kamera HA HA HA HA HA...


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