Monday, April 13, 2009

Babble bubble

I’m not feeling well today... Sneezes, runny nose, headache and almost feverish.
I hope Darren won’t be infected with mommy’s flu!

In Indonesia, last weekend was a long weekend. Last Thursday was election day, then the next day was Good Friday. So it was a holiday, from Thursday to Sunday.
To me, working as a freelancer and a housewife, it didn’t really matter. But we’ve been having a blast because my parents were in town and we got to spend a lot of great times together.

Our little Darren who in 3 days would turn 16 months of age, is now consistently making sentences with 2 words. We can’t be happier, because other than excelling in his verbal skills, he’s also making it easier for us to understand him ^__^
He would say, “Papa… ja…” (Papa kerja = Daddy works) when he wakes up in the morning and couldn’t find his daddy in our bedroom.

Other times he would say, “Di… boboh..” (= Bubble bath or mandi bubble in our mixed language). He loves having a bubble bath in his baby tub. The only thing bothering me is that he LOVES to eat the bubbles, just to get to me! He loves it when I tell him to spit those bubbles out of his mouth, “Pffaaahh!” He’d giggle and put bubbles back into his mouth and mimics, “Pffaaahh!”
Sometimes when his bubble-eating gets too intolerable, I’d get him out of his tub and finish bath immediately.

Another thing Darren’s been good at in the last 2 weeks was singing. He knows a BUNCH of Sunday School songs and some nursery rhymes, and used to dance along those songs. He can now finish the lines in the songs (in a sing-along kind of way), and to our surprise, he knows SO MANY of those songs by heart!

Ah, the joy of motherhood ^___________^

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  1. HE HE I can imagine how happy my parents were when I was Darren's age. Mom always tells me that I could sing so many songs by heart even from a young age he he he...


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