Monday, April 6, 2009

About my hubby

My hubby is really supportive about me making a blog.
He loves to read my post drafts on my laptop, and enjoys the content, along with the comments.

He once asked me to write about him. If you know him, you’d know how much he loves to have the spotlight on him ;)
The thing is, for now I can’t seem to find something, among the many things about him, to share in my blog.
So, right here I’ll list 5 things about him that I love the most, of course the ones I share here is JUST 5 (in random order) of the many splendour things that he’s been blessing me with over these years.

1. He puts his loved ones’ needs and importance above his own.

2. He appreciates even the smallest things I give him or do for him, even something as simple as putting a new towel by the bathroom for him to use (although I only did it because I happened to notice that the old one’s been too damp to use, and I can’t stand it!).

3. Unlike the many Asian traditionalists, he doesn’t demand that I do household work and whenever there’s a need, he wouldn’t mind sharing just as much or sometimes even more household work than me.

4. He loves to play with our son, and when he does, he goes ALL THE WAY, with screams and laughters, it’s like having a dozen of toddlers at home instead of just two, oops I mean one ;)
He knows LOADS of childhood rhymes and songs with hand-clapping and all, he never fails to catch Darren’s interest.
5. He cares about people, even ones that are not too close to him, more than most people do. He seeks to please people and many times would make big sacrifices for them.

So, dear Hubby, I hope you like this one special post, as much as I love writing it.
I dedicate this one to you. Love you much! ^__^


  1. He he he...Ivan is not a typical Indo guy and that's TOTALLY COOL, Dude!!! :-D He's also so easy to talk to. He makes me feel safe to talk about the topics that I won't probably talk to when I don't know them well yet *wink wink*

    So SALUTE to Ivan, Shah Rukh Khan! THANKS for making my friend's life easier and happier and more colourful! :-D

  2. Forgot to about the photo contest???

  3. Thanks Mel hehehe...
    Oh the photo contest's nominee announcement's next week, and the final result's in 2 weeks. I'll let you know ^__^


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