Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Son and Rain

Our 14-month-old, Darren, LOVES to watch the rain, ever since before he could even focus on the droplets. As a teenager, I used to think of the rain as somewhat romantic, and I loved to watch the rainfall. Now I think rain is nothing nearly romantic.

Today, as I watched my son watching the rain, I had this awe in my heart. It’s so precious to watch his eyes widen and enthusiastically follow the raindrops falling from the edge of the roof, making a small stream and on to a puddle. “Teh..! teh..!” he would say (well shout was more like it), as in mimicking the sound of water dripping [“tes.. tes..”]. Another time he would stare at the drips coming from the sky. Yet another time he would knock on the window railing, while watching the rainfall, making funny sounds, trying to sing the “rain theme” (or better, asking for us to sing for him), a children’s song that goes “Tik, tik, tik, bunyi hujan di atas genting…” over and over and over…

So I guess now romantic isn’t exactly the right term for rainfalls. I think FABULOUS was more like it. I still love to watch the rain, even more with Darren by my side. But the sight of my son loving the rain was something FAR more fascinating. It’s amazing how a child can make even the tiniest, most ordinary thing in life so wonderful! ;)


  1. That was what I felt (amazement like what Darren felt) when I moved to Finland...everything was still so brand new and I'm so amazed at things that people here consider "normal" he he he...

    Btw, bisa ga semuanya diganti pake bhs. Inggris nih...kaya "beri komentar" dll. supaya ntar temen2 blog gua yang ga bisa bhs. Indo jadi ga pusing...ntar weekend gua promosiin deh blog loe di blog gua he he he...

  2. OK Mel, thanks ya... di blog home mah dah diganti, ternyata di sini ga ikut keganti geuning... THANKS!! ^__^


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