Thursday, March 12, 2009

Prepare prepare!

Today my hubby and I visited our brother in law (my sister in law’s hubby). My SIL and her hubby are expecting their first baby. SIL is some 8 months pregnant.
To our surprise, they haven’t quite prepared much stuff for their coming baby, and they only got a month to go!

It’s astonishing to us, because we were pretty well prepared when I was only 7 months pregnant. It’s partly because I was admitted to hospital when I was 29 weeks pregnant, due to premature contractions. The contractions were quite frequent that I was given intravenous medications to help baby’s lungs maturing. It was quite a shock, so when we got back home, we immediately prepared everything, in case the baby was coming soon.
Thank God Darren was born at term ^__^ Now this is another miraculous story, maybe some other time I would write about this.

Another friend of mine who lives in a city said that she also prepared stuffs when she was 8 months pregnant. But by the time she did, she had already got a number of important stuffs like clothes, diapers, etc from her relatives.

Where we live right now, the culture is that close friends or relatives would inform you if they’re going to give you specific stuffs, so that you don’t have to buy it yourself. And after the baby’s born, friends and relatives would come visit you and bring gifts or goodies. That’s why some people like to wait for gifts from people so that they won’t be over-prepared.
But what if you wait and wait and what you expect isn’t given by anyone?

So when did you prepare for your coming baby’s stuffs? Are you an early bird? Or do you expect gifts from people to make sure you’re not over-prepared?

Anyway, to all expecting mommies out there, whatever you do, whatever your style is, enjoy preparing for your coming baby. It’s a very special moment, especially if it’s going to be your first baby. I hope you get everything you expect hehehe… ^________^


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  2. Kalo gua sih, dua2nya g jalanin, kalau barang2 yang gede2 kaya stroller, steril botol, pemanas, baby box, semuanya sumbangan hehehe...tapi pas udah jalan 7 bulan, g dah belanja belanji ke mangga dua, beli segala macam keperluan, bajulah, botollah, pokoknya yang ada aja yang di list keperluan baby tea..hehehe too excited..

  3. btw, jadi "S" udah melahirkan, ci?


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