Monday, March 11, 2013


Last December, to welcome christmas and get some “christmasy feeling”, we played a lot of Billy Gilman’s Classic Christmas album in the car. D grew very fond of it (“fond” is such a weak term, it was actually D’s latest obsession, yes with all its pathological features) and he’s been playing it over and over and over and oooover again for about a quarter of a year (in other words: for 3 months). By the end of February, around the same time of my sickness of hearing Billy’s christmas songs –sorry, Billy! It’s not you...- our 14 years old car tape recorder met its end. Our car tape recorder (finally) broke.

By then D had been soooo dependent upon Billy’s christmas songs, that he knew by heart ALL the songs on the album, of which D’s favorites were O Holy Night and Jingle Bell Rock, which he claimed to sing better than Billy himself.  >:O –talk about delusion!
He even knew exactly when to reverse the player to get exactly to the songs he desired, with stunning accuracy.

So guess what happened when he heard that our car tape was broken. He moaned and mourned and wept so heartbreakingly. Honestly, much as I and hubby were relieved that we didn’t have to hear anymore of Billy’s christmas songs, we were nonetheless heartbroken with our beloved son.

Billy Gilman’s Classic Christmas album inspired D of his singing passion. And D decided that he was a talented singer and would become a singer when he grows up. Altogether with becoming a paleontologist, police officer, veterinarian, and specialist doctor.

To begin pursuing his calling, I offered D to join the church Sunday school choir. I was rather reluctant, fearing that he might mess up an established choir group with his quirks. But being a good mom that I am ;D  I took a deep breath and blurted out the offer.
D’s eyes widened as he learnt that Billy too, started off as a choir singer. He immediately and enthusiastically asked to join the church choir.

After just 2 weeks of practices (each consists of 1 hour of practice every Sunday morning before Sunday school/general sermon), the 3rd Sunday was D’s debut performance of singing with the Sunday school choir for the general sermon. I was definitely more nervous than him, who didn’t seem to fully understand the weight of it.

They rehearsed for one last time right before sermon, this time in the main hall where the sermon would be held. There was just one little problem. OK, maybe two. Or three?
Anyway, the problem was that D had problem focusing his attention on the choir coach/conductor. And it didn’t help that he was placed at the furthest end of his row, right beside a platform which height seemed just right for sitting or leaning on. And he didn’t understand that he had to get on and off of the podium in line, together with his choir fellows. Right after final rehearsal he scurried off the podium, oblivious that all his choir fellows marched in a nice, orderly line to the exit door.

I gave him some last advices before he went to pray with the choir. Then I anxiously waited.

See for yourself how it went (IF the video loads successfully):

In case you couldn’t see the video or it didn’t load nicely, it went well... :D
Well, at least it wasn’t as disastrous as I had feared. But that’s D’s mama talking, maybe to the coach and other choir members it WAS disastrous  >_<

All in all, I’m glad D was there, singing with the choir. Such a privilege to serve our Lord by singing him praises. Despite D’s average singing ability (what a polite term to describe it).  I’m thankful that I’m insane insightful enough to encourage him to join the choir.
His singing doesn’t matter (as long as he doesn’t get worse!), but his soul will learn to serve his Creator, now by singing, in the future maybe by even better ways. Amen!

Soli Deo Gloria.

“From the lips of children and infants You have ordained praise.”  
 Matthew 21:16


  1. WELL DONE to the both of you. You for taking the leap of faith and D as well for dreaming big and for being able to perform well. :-D Gua baru sadar pas liat video ini, emang si D gampang banget distracted ama segala macem yah he he he...

  2. Mel, thanx for ur constant encouragement! *hugs*
    (I hope this comment goes through, lagi susyeh online nih :-/)


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