Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Granny smell

Where I live, we have this centuries old habit of after bath treatment for babies and small kids.
After we dry them well, we apply a few drops of aromatic oil, called “Telon Oil”, it’s a blend of cajuput oil, coconut oil, and foeniculi oil (whatever that is).
We apply it to the baby’s chest, belly, and feet. Old folks say that it has a warming effect. It has a special smell, soothing and pleasant, and it’s a typical baby’s smell in our culture. I use it all the time.

Meanwhile, some old women in our country use another kind of aromatic oil. There are quite a few kinds of them, but the most popular kind is what is called “Minyak Angin” (in English it would be “Wind Oil”, although it has nothing to do with the wind. Or maybe it’s for defense against the cold wind? I dunno…). Well this oil has an almost the same warming effect, only with a different scent.
Sometimes I think too much baby’s Telon Oil makes people smell somewhat like those traditional old women.

Since Darren was old enough to play with the plastic bottle of Telon oil, his favorite is to shake the bottle, he enjoyed the sound of it and the bubble he made. And sometimes if the bottle is still opened, he would drip it around until I stop him.
I would say, “Not too much, Darren. Too much oil would make you smell like a granny [= Nenek].” He would mimic, “Naa naa..” “Yes, ‘Nenek’,” I would say.

A couple of weeks after, I was giving Darren water to drink, not long before his meal time. So I said, “Not too much drink, Darren, we’re going to eat. Not too much.”
He stopped drinking from his cup and said, “Naa naa..”
It took me a couple of seconds before I realize he was correlating “too much” with “granny”.
I had a good laugh and said, “No, Darren, drinking too much won’t make you smell like a granny…”


  1. BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA...It's so funny when he correlates words with actions/things HI HI HI HI HI...:-D

  2. Aduuhh...beneran resep ya kalo udah mulai ngerti ini itu budak teh :D! Si Dennis mah dulu udah ampir 2 tea jadi asanya mah banyakan ini itu udah ngerti, cuma dia mah ngomongnya rada telat, n gua tentu aja ga ngerti dia ngomong apa awalnya mah hahahahh... Sampe ke satu titik mendadak gua sadar dia udah lebih pinter Dutchnya dibanding gua, hahaha...


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